Man’s Bizarre Racist Tirade Baffles Viewers

Video released of a man verbally assaulting a mixed-race couple during a casual outdoor stroll has drawn strong reactions online.

The video is titled “Racist hates that we’re a mixed couple” and was posted on Reddit’s “Public Freakout” forum, where it has been upvoted over 71,000 times. The incident reportedly occurred in the Westchase district of Houston, Texas.

“Look at that, it’s an ugly a** motherf**ker,” a man said at the beginning of the video while being taped by the male member of the mixed couple on a sidestreet. “F**king Jew. Take your Jewish technology and film me, boy.”

The stranger continued to literally backpedal and hurl insults one after another, calling the man “ugly” and yelling “Jewish couple” multiple times. He proclaimed he could “beat the f**k” out of the man.”

He also made a strange comment saying, “I bet you never get outside,” while the man is engaging with a couple that is, in fact, walking outdoors.

At one point the stranger seems perplexed as to why his actions are being recorded, slowly approaching the couple and even saying aloud, “Why are you filming me?” At that moment, the couple’s dog growls and scares the man into temporary silence.

After walking to the other side of the street, the insults return. Aside from yelling “Jews!” and “Jew-SA,” he mumbled something before telling the woman she has “an ugly f**king boyfriend.”

The skinny man, wearing a backward hat and sunglasses, then made a comment about the couple walking on the sidewalk. Moments later, the stranger then stands on the sidewalk in an attempt to block the couple’s throughway.

When the couple and their two dogs cross the street without saying a word, the stranger asks the man, “What are you, a chink? Mexican? I don’t know what the f** you are.”

Asian Hate Has American Citizens on Edge

The Reddit poster, u/Philivox, was actually the man being harassed in the video. While his fiancée is white, he is neither Jewish or Mexican. He’s Asian.

“We actually passed by (the stranger) earlier and the first thing we heard was, “I f**cking hate mixed couples, f**k y’all,'” the poster said. “I was telling him to STFU and keep walking. But we were nearing an elementary school on our walk and we didn’t wanna have him comin’ at us near kids. Figured we’d just keep doing our thing.”

A video has gone viral on Reddit showing a man in Houston, Texas, making repeated racist remarks toward a reported mixed-race couple minding their own business on an outdoor walk. The couple said they had never seen the man before.
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The Pew Research Center reported in 2019 that almost six in 10 Americans described US race relations as “bad,” with 56 percent of survey respondents blaming former President Donald Trump for making race relations “worse.”

Blacks, Hispanics and Asians were also more likely than whites to say being white helps people’s ability to get ahead “at least a little.”

Just last month, Pew reported survey results among Asian Americans and the results were alarming. In addition to over 60 percent of Asian adults surveyed saying that violence against Asian Americans is increasing, a majority of those surveyed “attributed it to former President Donald Trump, racism, COVID-19 and its impact on the nation, and scapegoating and blaming Asian people for the pandemic.”

About half of respondents also said they “worry sometimes” about being the brunt of threats or attacks due to their race or ethnicity. Among that number, over one-third of respondents admitted to changing their daily routines to minimize the potential of threats.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported a 77 percent increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans between 2019 and 2020. Advocacy Group Stop AAPI Hate reported a drastic increase in reported hate incidents, jumping from 6,603 between March 2020 and April 2021 to 9,081 incidents between April and June 2021 alone.

‘The Guy Is A Loser’

Aside from Redditors pointing out the irony of the stranger mentioning phones and “Jewish technology” while he held a phone himself, others enjoyed the couple’s dog defending its owners.

“He backpedals pretty quick when the dog growls at him when he walks up on them,” one Redditor commented. “The guy is a loser who would lose his nerve real quick if the pain started.”

The Reddit poster said he and his partner “laughed afterwards,” posting the video on the Nextdoor app so others in the area would be aware of the stranger.

When asked if the couple had come across the stranger before, the poster said they have “never seen him in our lives and we’ve been walking our dogs every day here for over a year.”

news week reached out to the Redditor u/Philivox for comment.

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