The future of hybrid work: Reimagining employee experience

Over the past two years, the world of work has changed dramatically, perhaps irrevocably, but one thing is certain: flexible work is here to stay.

On the topic of hybrid work, experts have warned against the risk of generalizing hybrid work and risk that ‘one size fits one.’ Companies will lose talent if they think they can go back to pre-Covid workplace rules, because candidates want flexibility. The future of hybrid work now requires companies to reimagine the employee experience and decide what hybrid work should look like.

Research shows employees crave more in-person time with their team but wish to keep the flexibility of remote work. And every person is different – 58 percent of employees (opens in new tab) who plan to spend the most and least time in-office are doing it for the same reason: more focused work.

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In fact, research revealed that while Covid-19 triggered the ‘virtual age’ of the working world, we are now entering the ‘personalized age’. This new phase of work is essentially all about maximizing convenience and performance, well-being, and productivity. For hybrid work environments to be successful, devices must help people be productive, and enable collaboration with the right balance of power and performance. They also need to be versatile enough to work in different environments, while remaining highly secure.

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