Techno unveils wallet for easy, secure payments

Techno, a global mobile phone brand has unveiled the Techno Wallet, a payment wallet and finance app built for its devices and integrated into the Camon 19 series of phones.

According to a press statement by the company, the Wallet will allow users to make easy and secure payments for a range of services including money transfers, airtime, data, bills, and shopping.

“It aims to build a digital and financial hub and lifestyle platform that aggregates products, services, and merchants from across the market, allowing Techno users to transact, access credit, and enjoy exclusive rewards and promotions as soon as they unbox their smartphone,” the company stated.

According to a 2022 global study conducted by VISA, more than 40 percent of consumers have already embraced cashless transactions or will only use digital payments within the next two years.

Additionally, 59 percent of small business owners stated they plan to exclusively accept digital payments within the same timeframe.

The Techno Wallet will be available for download on selected existing device series and will come preinstalled on new Techno smartphones, including the upcoming Camon 19 series set to be unveiled in June 2022.

The wallet pilot was launched in Nigeria in May, and rolled out in Kenya in the middle of June. The future launches will include Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Cote d’Ivoire, and Senegal in the second half of 2022.

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“As consumers around the world transition from cash transactions to digital payments, the Wallet will be a trusted tool that empowers every Techno user to enjoy the ultimate convenience and make easy, fast, and reliable payments,” said Danni Xu, global chief marketing officer at TECNO.

Some of the key features of the Tecno Wallet are

A smarter way to pay: The Wallet empowers every Techno smartphone user to pay for anything, anywhere, conveniently and securely. It introduces a new integrated digital payment experience that makes the process of paying for data, airtime, bills, and shopping fast and reliable.

Digital finance reimagined: Consumers can use the Wallet to handle their everyday transactions such as paying for airtime and groceries at the tap of a button, as well as access innovative financial services, all on one super-app.

All your money in one place: The Wallet helps consumers manage their finances in one place by connecting their existing cards and bank accounts to the app. Compatible with major card schemes and financial institutions in the continent.

Instant Credit: The Wallet integrates a revolutionary digital Instant Credit service that enables its users to access a credit line in seconds and enjoy an interest-free period of up to 16 days powered by licensed financial institutions.

Traditional requirements such as paperwork, guarantors or fees are eschewed in favor of a data science-based approach that will empower customers to quickly access credit and grow their limit based on their payment behaviour.

In the near future, Techno Wallet will also offer cashback and promotional rewards, along with discounts and deals with participating merchants and retailers.

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