Owl Labs Upgrades Collaboration Among Hybrid Teams—Here’s How

Owl Labs (opens in new tab) announced the launch of its camera device, new Expansion Mic, and enhanced Owl Intelligence System (OIS) software. This new flagship product is the third generation of the award-winning Meeting Owl product line, consisting of Wi-Fi-enabled, 360-degree camera, microphone, and speaker systems that automatically zoom in on whomever is speaking. The Meeting Owl 3 has been upgraded both inside and out to include faster, more accurate face detection, even when masked; expanded audio and video range options; upgraded USB capability; and more. The new Expansion Mic device extends the Meeting Owl 3’s audio range to 26 feet, so all meeting participants can be heard around larger tables.

Owl Labs products are used by more than 100K organizations around the world, including 84 Fortune 100 companies. According to an Owl Labs study (opens in new tab), nearly 3/4 of employees (71%) want a hybrid or remote working style, and effective technology is the third-most crucial aspect workers look for in an employer, with 95% saying it’s important. Owl Labs’ technology is now more crucial than ever, as it enables workers to collaborate from anywhere, helping hybrid teams come together so virtual meetings feel more like in-person conversations, leveling the playing field between remote and in-room participants.

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