How do you get toddlers and teens to sleep? Maggie Dent chats to the experts to find out the secret to shut-eye

Ah, sleep deprivation — it’s such torture, isn’t it?

There are few things in life more frustrating than trying to get a toddler into bed and stay there and go to sleep!

And every parent has probably told themselves: “Seriously, things will surely get better when my sweet baby grows up a bit!”

The truth is, once they can walk and talk, that’s when the real bedtime battles truly begin.

If you are in the trenches of parenting a teenager, you will know that getting them to step away from the blue light of the smartphone to go to sleep can be just as hard as getting toddlers to bed.

So sleep battles are a pretty common part of the parenting challenge.

In the latest season of Parental as Anything, we explored the ways we can help our kids get a good night’s sleep. But how to do it takes a slightly different approach if your kiddies are older or younger.

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