10 Products That Will Make Your Home Smarter

Smart home products make our lives easier and our communication better. Here are 10 products to check out today.

Since the introduction of the smart phone that changed our communication, there have been technology improvements in every aspect of our lives. None have been more visible than the products that turn our home into a smart home. We now live in more secure homes with products designed to make our lives easier and free up time, and even help with coping with the stress of the everyday grind. Here are 10 products that make our homes smarter and our environment more secure.

Outside the home and security:

  • smart doorbells: With online shopping increasing, more packages are being dropped off on doorsteps. These doorbells are more then just to inform that there is someone at the door. They can record when there is motion at the door. A microphone and speaker allow communication even when not home.
  • Smart door lock: When you are wanting to let someone into your home when you are there, use a smart lock. Many locks have a variety of ways to open them from use of an app on the phone, fingerprints, codes and even voice commands.
  • Smart cameras and flood lights: There are a variety of smart cameras that can be used inside or outside the home. These security lights have motion sensors to turn on with movement and cameras to record. These cameras also allow two-way conversations.

Smart products to ease our anxiety:

  • Smart CO and smoke detectors: Often these are overlooked until the fire alarm begins to beep that the battery is low, or it goes off because the shower steam is too hot. If it goes off from something being spilled on the stove, no more waving a towel frantically to turn the alarm off! With the click of a button on a smart phone, it’s off. Smart detectors check themselves daily to inform of any concerns such as low batteries.
  • A smart thermostat: A smart thermostat can help find the right temperature. Use an app on a smart phone or voice commands; it is easy to change the temperature in any home. This device can be programed to ensure that your home is warm (or cool) when you come home and when there is no one home set it to save energy.

Smart products for entertainment:

  • Smart WIFI: Our lives depend on the internet. At home, we want fast reliable WIFI but want the safety for our families. Smart WIFI allows faster stable Internet through a WIFI router. It allows parental blocks and control of devices attached to the WIFI. It also allows sharing without passing out family passwords.
  • Streaming services: Many homes have cut the cable and rely on streaming services for their entertainment needs. Google cast with TV brings all the services into one bundle. With a remote (or use of a phone) and voice activation, no more searching for something to watch. Ask and then you will be watching your new favorite show.
  • smart speakers: These are more than just a quality speaker with Bluetooth for your phone. With a simple voice command, you can search for a song, change the volume, ask for the weather or any other important information.
  • smart plugs: A simple smart plug can change your daily routine. These plugs can be controlled by voice or by a phone app. Program them to turn on for your coffee and toast or to ensure that they are turned off at night or when there is no one home.

A display to control it all:

The first thing that anyone wanting to begin building a smart home should buy is the part that controls them all. The Nest Hub is one central piece. With a voice command or hand gestures, you can watch your streaming services, listen to music, answer a phone call and more. Most smart products can be controlled through a hub and there are several different brands on the market.

Thanks to smart home connectivity, with a voice command or timed programming, everything is ready for you to relax. There are many great products designed for your comfort and ease of mind.

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