Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands multiplayer, crossplay blasted for weeks

Four Tiny Tina's Wonderlands players stand furious and wonder why crossplay and multiplayer servers aren't working.

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Borderlands games are always best enjoyed with friends, so it’s a shame that players of the latest entry, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, had to fly alone – at least when trying to play online or use the crossplay function. Over the past two weeks, Gearbox’s latest loot shooter has been experiencing some serious server issues.

That’s not exactly a surprise; Online multiplayer games start in different states of busted all the damn timeand the Borderlands series itself does not have the best track record. But it’s a bit different than your typical case of server problems. Sure, while the servers are broken, they won’t be engulfed in a headline-grabbing five-alarm fire, like launch windows for, say, pioneer or devil III were famous. On the other hand, although the problems persist, the official channels of the game are strangely silent about the matter.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlandreleased late last month for Xbox, PlayStation and PC is the first Borderlands game Start with full crossplay. Like previous Borderlands games, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland facilitates online groups through Gearbox’s proprietary online service, shift. You can also use the service to redeem “Shift Codes,” single-use tokens that grant you a rare piece of in-game gear. (A kind soul gathered a Twitter bot which announces availability and releases shift codes.) You can monitor shift status through its official twitter account.

On March 25th wonderland‘ official launch day, the account written down how, although players may see a notification that they have been disconnected from Shift, they are actually fine; it’s just a buggy popup. Three hours later, Gearbox said it noticed “reports” of “instability” and spent the next few days doing so timeline its efforts to improve functionality. March 29 transmission rolled out an update intended to fix crashes on all platforms. Until March 31, the studio called that “most players” are aware With ‘limited cases of disconnections’ by world’s worst holiday

“We have seen some reports from players who have disconnected from online play.” reads the account’s last tweet, posted on April 2nd. “If these issues persist, please restart your game!”

Unfortunately, restarting the game doesn’t always seem to do the trick. In response to the account’s tweet, players say reboots don’t fix connectivity issues and if they do, it’s just a temporary salve. (Funny aside: one player even pointed out how they could not evacuaten Submit a ticket via Shift’s support page.) Over on the game’s subreddit, there’s a thread, follows 1,000 comments from players complaining about not being able to play online with friends. Connection issues seem to be felt most during crossplay sessions, but it’s still not entirely smooth with traditional matchmaking on the same platform.

For example, earlier this week I threw a party with my colleague Zack Zwiezen, both of whom play on Xbox Series X with wired connections. We got about 75 percent through the tutorial segment before Zack disappeared into the ether. We couldn’t get another game going for the rest of the night. Zack also told me how he encountered serious crossplay issues while playing with his fiancé on PC and Xbox. They often can’t start a game, he said, even though they’re both playing on the same modem. On the rare occasions they can get one to work, it’s laggy and de-synched AF. Zack told me how a player would kill enemies, watch them die, and instantly make them respawn as if nothing happened.

Hey, at least there’s split screen!

Gearbox officials declined to answer questions about the records and referred them on kotaku to the Shift Status Twitter Account instead of this.

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