Overwatch developers explain why it took forever to bring Sojourn to the game

Some call it “arrogant”. I call it confident.
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After years of waiting for an update, we finally know what exactly over watchSojourn, the 33rd playable character from , can do it – and why it took so long to release.

Vivian “Sojourn” Chase, over watch‘s first black Canadian heroine was teased during the second in 2016 over watch animated short film “Recall”. Sojourn was passed off as the original member of the Overwatch Strike Team before being disbanded after the omnic crisis. Fans got their first glimpse of Sojourn on Winston’s monitor when he used his AI computer to call on other Overwatch members to join his cause. although over watch earned a reputation for having a wide range of characters, such as a giant gorilla armed with a Tesla coil and a hamster piloting a mechball, the complete absence of a black female character (idol does not count) was felt, especially under Black fans. After six years of waiting, at over watch Trailer gave us a glimpse of how she plays surveillance 2.

Sojourn is a damage character that acts both as a hitscan character who can shoot his enemies instantly, and as a projectile character with his primary and secondary weapons. As soldier 76Sojourn features high mobility and uses a Tom Cruise-like design Mission Impossible 2 Power slide to maneuver around enemies and under shields. That over watch The developers described Sojourn’s Ultimate Overclock as if “Genji’s Dragon Blade ability uses a weapon instead of a sword”. As someone who has received many Dragonblades, they don’t seem to be mistaken. overclocking takes out a page Jill Valentine’s book by firing a powerful beam from her railgun.

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While all of this information is well and good, I couldn’t help but glance at my calendar and wonder why the hell it took us so long to get a crumb, no a touch of information about Sojourn. This frustration didn’t last over watch‘s former director Jeff Kaplan, who addressed fan frustration during Blizzcon 2019. At the time, he said her slow rollout was because she was playing a bigger role surveillance 2.

“Personally, I feel like the right thing for the character to do is continue with this story and not just throw her out because the community is mad at us,” Kaplan said in a 2019 interview with my box. “The real value of over watch Inclusivity is the idea that we are open-minded, that we want everyone to feel welcome in the universe, and the result of that is diversity. I would hate if diversity ever felt pandering like we just had this spreadsheet with a bunch of checkboxes.”

Three years later, the same feeling was echoed by the current over watch Team in an exclusive interview with The edge. In the interview, the developers doubled down to shed some light on why their release has progressed at a rapid pace.

Corresponding edgethe reason Sojourn has taken so long to release is twofold: it plays a significant role in the larger one over watch history, and they didn’t want the debut of the first black female character to feel trivial.

“We created this timeline and wanted Sojourn — especially since she’s the first black female character in the game — to not just be an accidental addition to the game,” said Dion Rogers, surveillance 2‘s art director tells Edge.

In the past, new characters like bridgette served to balance gameplay metas. If fast heroes like Genji and tracers turned out to be a problem, her shield slam stun was the solution. The developers went on to describe Sojourn similar problem solving, as an approachable character for newer players who has that too a high qualification cap for these professionalsover watch League Hopes.

“It’s been exciting to see pro players experimenting with Sojourn during the Alpha and seeing all the ways their kit can turn the tide in a teamfight,” said Brad Ross, Director of Competitive Operations The edge. “While the meta and team strategies will be fluid throughout the season, we expect Sojourn’s presence in OWL will be felt quickly.”

While Sojourn’s gameplay looks like a mix of Zarya’s strength, Soldier 76’s maneuverability and Baptiste’s Versatility, their design is no also limp. Aside from her bold fashion choice to wear shorts in winter (our Canadian relatives might like that, but we don’t do that here in the States), her sleek cybernetic design and indeed Bmissing hair texture is excellent. Sojourn designers told The edge that her look was inspired by Angela Bassett’s attitude and Serena Williams’ power and speed.

For my part, I can’t wait to finally have a new main character that is an attack character. After my 236 hours in the trenches of over watch play like forever Merciful/moira Healer main, I deserve this.

surveillance 2 scheduled for release sometime in 2023.

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