Halo Infinite’s “Scorpion Gun” exploit will be released in Season 2

The weapon sits on the Master Chief's shoulder while Zeta Halo appears in the background in the concept art for Halo Infinite.

picture: 343 branches

Next month, Halo infinity is always a welcome infusion of new content for his second season. But for all the upcoming multiplayer maps, modes, and cosmetics, developer 343 Industries is taking something out of the campaign: the Scorpion pistol.

The inclusion of the scorpion gun, also known as the “tank gun”, made for something of a key act in Halo infinity‘s campaign, which came out last December for Xbox and PC and is the first in the series to feature something of an open-world structure. Basically, you can grab a manportable version of the Scorpion Tank’s devastating turret early on and wreak havoc on the Exiles. Gameplay Designer by 343 recently told IGN that its inclusion in the game was unintentional, a holdover from prototyping.

If you want to use the Scorpion Cannon, you can still do so for now – after heading into the “open” part of Halo infinity‘s open world. There is an anti-aircraft gun overlooking an enemy base; Interacting with it will give you the Scorpion Pistol. You won’t see a pick-up prompt like you would with a stock weapon, but the thing is there. It takes up one of your weapon slots. It has unlimited ammo. It kills most enemies in one hit. It has more splash damage than most weapons in the game. You can probably imagine how helpful such a weapon is for both of them for speed runners and for people who want to complete “LASO” runs (a sprint through the campaign on the hardest difficulty with any skulls or gameplay modifiers enabled).

“Attention speedrunners and achievement hunters – the tank gun bug in the campaign will be fixed in Season 2.” gloriole Senior Community Manager John Junyszek wrote on Twitter last week. “Feel free to do whatever you want with this information.”

Mostly the gloriole The community did with this information what they do with most information: scream into the void.

A Halo Infinite player looks at a scorpion in the Halo Infinite vehicle bay on Xbox Series X.

“It’s so much fun to play with,” complained one player one of the liveliest posts At gloriole‘s subreddit for the last week. In response to Junyszek’s original comments, The players roundly criticized the movecalled it “deaf,” a “bad decision,” and a “wrong decision.”

Some also pointed this out Halo infinity has no shortage of “actual” glitches that negatively affect the game, so they see it as a minor slap in the face when development resources are used for something that doesn’t harm other players in any way. Most fans just want to use it to blow up NPCs. It’s not like players are using it online to rack up dozens of easy kills. (That’s what the mangler is for.) And if 343 really wants to nix it as an easy way to earn trophies, players have suggested that it could just introduce a rule that picking up the scorpion cannon means you can’t earn achievements.

All in all, the decision to remove the campaign’s unintended Money Gun has left a contingent of players asking burning questions like “…why?” and “why?”

When asked for comment, 343 Industries representatives had nothing to add.

Prominent members of Halo infinity‘s speedrunning and glitch hunting communities got involved. Generalkidd, the popular one gloriole YouTuber, asked 343 Industries to reverse its decision. My favorite idea comes from Remy “Mint Blitz”, a gloriole Player known for breaking infinity in all sorts of fun ways – like to throw himself over the map with the grappling hook – who suggested 343 keep the scorpion cannon though Move it to another location on the game’s open-world mapforcing the community to try to find it again.

It’s not like that either Halo infinityThe scorpion gun of is not supported by any historical precedent. For 2004 halo 2could you do a “Scarab Pistol‘ in the rafters of an early game level. Though it looked like a standard plasma rifle, it fired the cannon from the city-crushing Scarab Fortress armor of the Alliance – a steady stream of lime-green energy that destroyed just about anything it hit. In terms of payload, it was like wielding an automatic rifle, unleashing a ceaseless stream of miniature nukes and never running out of ammo. Funny things!

If the halo 2 Remaster came out a decade later, the scarab pistol wasn’t touched up.

So I’m pretty much in step with the “why?” camp. Sure, the modern era of gloriole can be cleaner and tidier when all those edges are sanded down. But it’s a hell of a lot less interesting.

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