Halo Infinite Season Two is coming May 3rd to Xbox, PC

Spartans run through the Bazaar map in Halo Infinite during Season 2, Lone Wolves on Xbox Series X.

screenshot: 343 branches

For some time the dominant narrative around Halo infinity is that interest in the game that once sat confidently atop Mt. First-Person Shooter has lost an abyss. But that’s about to change when the second season, Lone Wolves, premieres on May 3rd. Guys, it sounds (and looks) like awesome AF.

Halo infinity, which was first released for Xbox and PC last November, is the first game in the series to include a free-to-play model. Like many games with a similar model, it’s built around a seasonal framework. Players have all praised infinityThe basics of — the weapons, the movement, the big dose of nostalgia — but criticized everything from expensive cosmetics to a general lack of new, updated content. (The splashy special event of the game, Break: Tenrairepeated five times continuously Halo infinity‘s first season, with a different occurrence scheduled for later this month.) For its part, the developer 343 Industries introduced changes during the first season, such as lower prices for cosmetics.

Developer 343 Industries teased infinity‘s second season “Lone Wolves” in an exciting, albeit infinitesimally short, trailer, featuring a sizzling roll of new cards, cosmetics, and clumsy lines of dialogue (“We always have room for another wolf.”) This trailer is in addition to a row of blog entries from the past few weeks outlining the granular changes.

There’s a lot to like. Also, you can earn $10.

OK, don’t technically, but you could theoretically buy a Premium Battle Pass and never have to buy another. In January 343 announced that players could earn credits – in-game currency they were spent on gloriole‘s microtransactions, which total roughly $1 for 100 – by the mere act of playing, but don’t get caught in the weeds. Now we know how it works.

Those who purchase the Season 2 Premium Battle Pass (Battle Passes cost 1,000 credits) can earn 1,000 credits over the course of the pass. You could then potentially deposit those 1,000 credits, spend them on the Premium Battle Pass for Season 3, earn 1,000 credits with that pass, deposit them for Season 4, and so on. Of course, this assumption depends entirely on three factors. Future Seasons Premium Battle Passes should cost 1,000 credits. You must be able to earn 1,000 credits with these Premium Passes. (Representatives from 343 Industries did not respond to a request for comment in a timely manner.) And you would need to have the time, patience, and energy to see through the entirety of the Battle Passes.

But “free money” isn’t the only thing worth writing home about infinity is getting a slew of new additions next month, including two new cards.

A big sticking point for the players was the how Halo infinity started with ten cards – a pretty good number on paper unless you check the circumstances. One of the original maps, Behemoth, was so loathed by the community that 343 Industries was born removed from ranked playlists. Another, Launch Site, is what experts describe as “just the worst.” And three of those maps were relegated to the massive Big Team Battle playlist, which spent months with minimal functionality. Effectively meant this Halo infinity Players were relegated to five maps that were actually reliably fun to play.

A Spartan holds a Ravager on the Behemoth map in Halo Infinite.

The long-neglected Ravager will increase its damage in Season 2.
screenshot: 343 branches

Get Arena playlists catalyst, a small map that appears to be set on top of some sort of Forerunner structure. Meanwhile, big team fight—what works now!– gets a new map called up interrupter. The Season 2 trailer shows some lava. If 343 continues to add two additional maps each season, that rate will definitely go down Halo infinity on the way to having the same total number of cards as before gloriole games. There is also a deep well to draw from; this is the first gloriole under the purview of 343, which does not yet contain revised versions of popular cards from previous games. (I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that Halo 4‘s Haven.)

Halo infinity will also see a bunch of new playlists. King of the Hill, the long-running mode where players compete for control of a small space – and the one I personally haven’t wanted for the past six months – will be available in “multiple playlists” from the start of the season.” As is Attrition, the thrilling team-based deathmatch that was playable for a couple of weeks in January. (Called.) When it comes back, you will no longer be frozen in place for a few seconds after being revived by a teammate.

Stranger is the Last Spartan Standing mode, which is less well known than King of the Hill (which has been around for ages) or Attrition (which was literally playable infinity already). That official line is that it is a “free-for-all elimination mode”, although details such as the release date or even an overview of how it works are not available. Data-miners believe it will be a twist on the 24-player Big Team Battle, something of a miniature battle royale.

Capstone rewards are also getting a much-needed overhaul. Every week, Halo infinity offers players a unique list of 20 challenges: routine tasks such as “Complete two Slayer matches” or “Kill 50 players in PvP”. If you knock them all out, you’ll unlock this week’s capstone challenge. Completing that will earn you the crowning reward of the week.

Sporting a warthog

Why yes, I will grind all the challenges in the world for this vehicle coating gloriously named “Alabaster Cognac”.
picture: 343 branches

Capstone rewards are everywhere right now. On the one hand, if they’re not worth the time – say, an emblem that’s both ugly and has appeared as a reward for two of the last five weeks – players feel disengaged from completing the grind. But when the rewards are awesome, players say they feel too much pressure to play or even feel some FOMO because they are unable to keep the time commitment. The Lone Wolves rewards outlined so far seem to strike a solid balance: of the five detailed, it’s a mix of stances, weapon skins, and vehicle skins. John Junyszek, glorioleSenior Community Manager of , called Boring prizes like decals and backgrounds are not given out as final rewards. It’s an important sign that 343 is listening to their player base, assimilating the feedback, and actually making meaningful changes.

This is all in addition to various weapon balance tweaks (the missing, the Ravager) and gear (the Fall Wall, the Overshield). Exciting times when you a gloriole Fan.

But “Lone Wolves” isn’t quite the silver bullet Halo infinity Needs as it will launch without some promised features. Support for the cooperative campaign, which can reportedly support two players in split-screen and four players online, should start with the season’s release. That has since been delayed and is now scheduled for an unspecified date later in the season. (“Lone Wolves” is scheduled to run for about three months.) And apart from one notable leak, the Forge build tool is nowhere to be seen. Although it was always planned infinityThe third season of 343 has not officially revealed any details.

The big question gloriole Player is whether Lone Wolves can revive players who have bounced off the game or is it too little too late. I think there is a precedent here. Just look at the ones from 343 Halo: The Master Chief Collectionarguably one of the most disastrous launches for a big-budget online game…perhaps ever? But 343 stuck with itshored up the servers, added a bunch of new content, added enticing objectives and seasonal models, and turned the ship around. Halo: The Master Chief Collection been there for a while one of the best multiplayer shooters.

Can 343 create the same hat trick twice? Of course, only time will tell. But for the first time in a while, I’m feeling optimistic infinitys future.

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