Hades, Tunic, Norco and more

The flash in a bottle minigame in Spiritfarer

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Nothing describes wrong way driver as succinct as its slogan: “A cozy business game about dying.” wrong way driver puts you in the role of Stella, a young woman who has taken on Charon’s famous duties of transporting departed souls to the afterlife. It sounds grim, but all of these lost souls take the form of downright likeable, irresistibly charming anthropomorphic animals. Yes, during their time aboard your ship, like any other management game, you’ll have to tend to their needs – usually food – but you can do so on your own schedule. There is no price for failure. Even wrong way driverThe resource-hungry minigames of , of which there are many, generally come with some sort of prize. Best of all, you can hug any of your ghost friends when they’re feeling down. It’s impossible to overstate how beautiful this is. Throw in some serene watercolor art, some adorable animation and a magical cat and the result is more or less a video game shaped cashmere throw. Just heed this one warning: keep the tissues nearby. wrong way driver can be heartbreaking.

A good game for: hygge The Overstressed. peace seekers.

Not a good match for: Those whose games need to be fast and competitive. who expects one animal crossing Clone; Despite the similarities, wrong way driver is not the kind of game you play forever.

Rough average playing time: 30.5 hours

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Update 04/13/2022: Nier: Automata and steering are no longer available, so we removed them. The wilderness at heart and Undermineboth fantastic and still currently available, clear path for paper shredder, tunic, The Door of Death, Lost by accident, Wide: Changing tidesand Norco (the first PC-only game worthy of inclusion).

Update 01/07/2022: We have removed Celeste, Desperado IIIand Yakuza 0all of which have left or will soon leave Xbox Game Pass since this update. The Outer Worlds and oasis also got the boot. Are new to the list Hades, The pedestrian, Unpack, Invisible, friend dungeon, The crack breaker, Scarlet Nexusand Octopathic Travelerplus the return of Outer Wilds.

Update 07/15/2021: kotaku Regulars will notice a total overhaul. We’ve decided to revamp this list to focus mostly on smaller games that you might sugarcoat but are still worth your time. Gone is the long-standing restriction of only calling out 12 games. We also have most of the first party games you’ve probably already played if you have an Xbox (Halo: The Master Chief Collection, eternal doom, gears 5, Ori and the Will of the Wisps) and given the boot Batman: Arkham Knight. Likewise, Outer Wilds and CrossCode are no longer part of Xbox Game Pass, so they are no longer part of this part.

Update 03/10/2021: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Red Dead Redemption 2 clean up for eternal doom and Celestetwo games that will kill you more times than you can count.

Update 09/16/2020: wrong way driver sails onto the list and takes dishonored 2‘s spot – still a great game leaving Game Pass at the end of the month.

Update 08/06/2020: although Life is strange 2 is sadly no longer on Game Pass, its departure from our list has made room for the excellent CrossCode.

Update 05/14/2020: We have given Monster Hunter: World and ForzaHorizon 4 (both still excellent, both still on Game Pass) the boot to make room Red Dead Redemption 2 and Nier: Automata.

Update 03/24/2020: We added Yakuza 0 and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. They lashed out quantum fracture and Sea of ​​Thievesboth of which are still on Xbox Game Pass (and still awesome).

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