Web3 Gaming Marketplace AQUA Expands Its Supported Games and Blockchains As It Begins to Preview its Offering for Partners

NEW YORK, June 17, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AQUA, a gamer-focused web3 marketplace, has today begun to reveal some of its product partners and has added Facebook and gaming industry executives to its C-suite.

Supported by prominent NFT investment platform DIGITAL, AQUA empowers players through education, discovery and tools, helping them to engage with their favorite blockchain games and seamlessly manage their gaming NFTs.

Unlike other web3 marketplaces, AQUA focuses solely on NFTs within the blockchain gaming sector. Its mission is to provide a dedicated space for blockchain gamers to interact with games and fellow players, increase accessibility and connectivity among blockchain games and elevate awareness of the web3 gaming space through educational content.

To further its mission of serving the blockchain gaming community in an ever-changing market, AQUA has appointed a team of leaders with expertise in gaming, business development and marketing.

Former VP of Business Platform Partnerships at Facebook, Sean Ryan, has joined as CEO. Ryan brings with him over 30 years of consumer experience, 10 of which were spent building the gaming and payments verticals at Facebook. John Cahill joins as CTO, having spent the last 20 years building gaming platforms and enterprise infrastructure, most recently for WiLine as SVP of Engineering & Product. Additionally, AQUA has brought on Alay Joglekar, former head of Social Media, Influencer & PR Strategy at Riot Games, who assumes the role of Head of Marketing.

Ahead of next week’s NFT.NYC, AQUA revealed that Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Axie Infinity, and Crypto Unicorns, as well as open-world MMO Delysium will all be coming to the marketplace this year. In addition to equipping players with in-game performance data across specific assets, AQUA will also serve as a discovery tool for users to easily navigate the rapidly growing catalog of web3 games.

“It’s important to provide a dedicated space for players to dive deep into these games, including helping nurture communities around this exciting new category. AQUA wants to emphasize play over pay,” said Sean Ryan, CEO. “The current web3 game landscape is rapidly changing, with frequent updates and new titles on the way, so it’s our mission to highlight great games from studios big and small, and across a wide variety of blockchains, starting with Immutable, Polygon and Ronin. “

The company is hiring for a variety of roles, and more information can be found on AQUA.xyz

About AQUA

Launching in 2022, AQUA is a player focused marketplace built for web3 gamers. AQUA empowers players to explore the evolving world of web3 gaming, providing deep insights and data points on in-game assets, giving them the content and tools they need to buy, sell, and trade gaming NFTs from their favorite titles. Comprising gaming industry veterans, funded by investment platform DIGITAL and supported by venture services firm The General Partnership, AQUA aims to build a better experience for players in this exciting new gaming vertical.

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