Huobi Global Launches Vietnam-Exclusive NFT Collection to Spur Local Blockchain Industry

Huobi Mascot NFT Series is Huobi’s first country-specific NFT series and can be purchased using VND.


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Huobi Global, the world’s leading crypto exchange, today announced that Huobi Global will be launching the Galaxy – Huobi Mascot NFT Series (Galaxy) for users in Vietnam. Galaxy, which showcases Huobi’s unicorn mascot, will be Huobi’s first country-specific NFT digital collection.

Galaxy can be purchased on Huobi Global’s platform using VND. With the launch of Galaxy, Huobi Global hopes to provide a new, innovative and interactive digital collectible experience for users in Vietnam.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies which are fungible, NFTs are individually unique and represent a specific asset. NFTs can be used to represent anything from digital art to in-game items, and have been gaining in popularity in recent years. While NFTs are still a relatively new technology, they have the potential to revolutionize the way society interacts with digital assets.

Vietnam is a hotbed for NFT and digital currency adoption — in October 2021, Vietnam surpassed most countries in terms of the overall peer-to-peer transaction value, as well as payments made by individuals, according to the Crypto Adoption Index by Statista. Buying NFTs directly using VND without the need for conversion to USDT lowers the barrier to entry for new NFT enthusiasts. The launch is expected to kickstart a fresh wave of interest in Vietnam’s NFT enthusiasts’ community.

“NFTs are a prominent topic of interest in the crypto world and Vietnam is no exception,” said Du Jun, Co-Founder of Huobi. “Huobi’s selection of Vietnam as the first country to introduce a country-specific NFT collection reflects Huobi’s desire to become an integral part of Vietnam’s blockchain market in the near future.”

Huobi Global is actively exploring the application prospects for blockchain technology in Vietnam. Galaxy’s launch signifies Huobi Global’s commitment to improving the accessibility of NFTs to Vietnamese blockchain enthusiasts and also underscores Huobi Global’s upbeat sentiment about the blockchain industry’s potential for growth and development in Vietnam.

With the launch of Galaxy, fans will have the opportunity to own a piece of their favorite mascot while embarking on a new journey into the exciting world of NFTs. Access to Galaxy digital collectibles starts June 8 on the Huobi Global Exchange, the online portal providing access to Huobi Global’s first country-exclusive NFT digital collection.

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