CBI launches sales for the MetaCoaster® universe, a

CBI launches sales for the MetaCoaster® universe, a blockchain-based theme park simulation game

CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN ​​INDUSTRIES (CBI, Euronext Growth Paris: FR0014007LW0, ALCBI) is announcing the opening of sales linked to the MetaCoaster universe, the blockchain theme park simulation game developed by CBI in its AlphaVerse metaverse. Unveiled on April 24, this new game is based on an original model, combining solo playing with a multiplayer world, enabling players to acquire, develop and operate a park on the blockchain, in line with a play-to-earn model using NFTs.

Sales will be opened up on Opensea, Venly from Thursday May 5 and soon on Binance, and NFTs will be able to be acquired using the main cryptocurrencies available on these platforms. They concern plots of land within the game, which has a total of 132,205 plots. They are split into different districts: Paris, New York, Music Land, Magic Valley, etc. The plots are initially being offered in four of these districts, with these sales to use an auction format, whereas the following sales will be fixed-price .

The NFT collections are available here:




MetaCoasteran innovative play-to-earn model

MetaCoaster is the first play-to-earn game developed directly by CBI within AlphaVerse. It is a theme park management game with multiplayer and solo options. With MetaCoaster’s play-to-earn and massively multiplayer modes, the roller coasters, flat rides and restaurants are NFTs. Sales are starting up with the plots of land and roller coasters, which will be followed by flat rides and restaurants. The decorative elements (seating, barriers, trees), related buildings (park entrances, ticket offices, etc.) and roads are classic objects.

By offering different playing modes corresponding to different systems for making acquisitions and profits, MetaCoaster aims to enable everyone to access the game and establish a balanced economy with attractive and affordable prices.

AlphaVerse aims to offer a blockchain game with an evolving and scalable economy, while resolving the inflationary and exclusive issues involved with the play-to-earn sector. The “earn” component, ie the rewards redistributed to players, will be based on the volume of sales recorded for the various attractions (roller coasters, flat rides and restaurants). 70% of every primary sale of attractions will be re-injected into the game economy. This economic model therefore resolves the inflation and selling pressure issues experienced with many play-to-earn games. This 70% is also paid into the reserves, based on 1/365th every day, in order to prevent a drain on the reserves if certain players withdraw their tokens early.

Learn more at https://alphaverse.com/metacoaster-alphaverse

the realization of projects, as well as their operational budget and financing plan, remain fundamentally subject to uncertainties, and the non-realization of the underlying assumptions may have a significant impact on the value of assets and liabilities.

About CBI

CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN ​​INDUSTRIES (“CBI”) is a French company that develops, operates and invests in video games, business applications and selected projects relating to the blockchain, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and cryptocurrencies. Founded by Frédéric Chesnais, a renowned gaming industry entrepreneur and blockchain pioneer, CBI aims to develop and unlock value from a portfolio of blockchain activities across multiple industries (video games, finance, logistics, etc.) with a view to capitalizing on this technology, either directly or through partnerships. CBI has already made several investments and is currently developing AlphaVerse, a blockchain technology-based virtual world or metaverse that will be opening in summer 2022. CBI has been admitted to trading on the EI compartment (qualified investors) of the Euronext Growth Paris market since October 26, 2021. Learn more at www.cbicorp.io


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