Ankr Introduces Plug-and-Play Blockchain Builder: App Chains

Introducing – App Chains

To accelerate Web3 adoption, iInfrastructure provider Ankr has launched its latest plug-and-play solution titled App Chains. With App Chains, developers can easily build custom blockchains for their decentralized applications (dApps).

As a Web3 scalability solution, App Chains offers security, throughput, and customizability to provide developers with everything they need to build, scale, and grow their dApps.

According to Greg Gopman, the Chief Marketing Officer at Ankr, “It’s clear to us that App Chains is going to be one of the dominant industry solutions to scalability. So we packaged all of Ankr’s best products together to help companies make them fast, simple, and secured by Ankr’s industry-leading technology.”

Due to the fragmented nature of blockchain and the ongoing scalability issues, many projects aren’t able to achieve peak performance. When dApps are hosted on a layer-1 blockchain alongside dozens of other dApps, these dApps end up competing with each other, sharing the fixed capabilities of the blockchain, resulting in slow throughput, inflated gas costs, and poor scalability.

To address this challenge, Ankr, via App Chains, is enabling projects to build dedicated blockchains for their dApps with the click of a button. By supporting developers’ ability to create their own blockchains using sidechain frameworks like Polygon Edge, Avalanche Subnets, and the BNB Chain’s BAS, Ankr will help address two of the biggest challenges stifling Web3 adoption – transaction speeds and gas costs.

With App Chains, dApp developers can build a customized blockchain that harnesses the power of the main layer-1 blockchain while operating in its standalone environment.

This approach eliminates competition for storage or computation resources while allowing developers to achieve full scalability for their respective projects. Moreover, the customized blockchain will only host the specific dApp, meaning developers don’t have to worry about competing with other projects.

Offering Flexibility for Developers

As opposed to building dApps on top of existing blockchains using smart contracts, App Chains offer much more flexibility for developers. Via its plug-and-play solution, App Chains operates like a “complete blockchain solution in a toolbox.”

This setup includes everything developers need to get started, including access to custom validator networks, globally decentralized and distributed node networks, white-label block explorers, fully customizable testnet faucets, direct staking support, and Ankr’s “exchange readiness” program.

As a result, App Chains can process more transactions at a lower cost than smart contracts on a layer-1 blockchain that compete for limited resources. On top of that, developers using App Chains will also have the freedom to select their preferred programming language, consensus mechanisms, and other aspects while still benefiting from the core features offered by the main chain.

Between the different functionalities offered, App Chains presents a feature-rich blockchain-as-a-service solution designed to advance Web3 adoption.

All initiatives can leverage Ankr’s App Chains, whether they are startups and new Web3 projects, established Web3 projects built on existing L1 chains, or Web2 companies and gaming platforms wishing to transition to Web3.

With scalability and gas issues out of the way, developers can focus on creating dApps that add more value through better user experience and more intuitive interfaces.


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