Daniele Marinelli is disrupting the industry by empowering users with the rights to their own data

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Meet Daniele Marinelli, CEO and Founder of DTSocialize, and a man with a disruptive vision of a decentralized future where users can monetize their own data. Thus was born the DTCircle ecosystem, a network of services and platforms through which the user can not only monetize their online experiences, profiting from their data released in various transactions, but also decide to better protect their privacy while ensuring the highest level of compliance to the current regulation.

But that wasn’t enough for Daniele. He noticed how Big Tech companies generate tremendous revenue from the monetization of users’ data through advertising. Daniele realized there was a demand in the market for users to either protect their own data or profit from it.

In 2020, Daniele launched DTSocialize, the first Web3 social and fintech ecosystem where members can seamlessly access modern financial services, interact, socialize, shop, and earn rewards when sharing their data through one single ecosystem that respects privacy and anonymity while ensuring the highest level or compliance.

The vision

Daniele believes that instead of using people as a means to get data, users should be treated as people. And that’s exactly what DTSocialize does by treating its members as users with rights to their own data, unlike many Big Tech companies. It’s important to say that DTSocialize anonymizes the outbound data, aggregating it into Big Data stacks for market research so no direct connection to a single user is possible.

By opting to share their data, users receive rewards through a token that works as a currency within the ecosystem. Users can spend their tokens on Ubuyup, a shopping service within the DTSocialize network.

DTSocialize also offers integrated payment solutions and fintech services alongside social apps and tools. Its use of the same encryption technology as Bitcoin for its messaging app aims to guarantee an entirely new and safe customer experience when interacting, shopping, or using financial services within a communication tool. All financial services within the ecosystem are fully compliant with standard procedures for AML and KYC.

what’s next

Going forward, Daniele pushes forward his vision of disrupting the industry by allowing DTSocialize to perfectly integrate itself into the Metaverse as a framework to safely transact, communicate, and access financial services. The unique DTSocialize Metaverse platform, Umetaworld, a virtual replica of the real world, provides the global DTSocialize community with VR and AR solutions. Technicians are also working to create NFT-powered digital IDs to have one digital identity that will guarantee easy and secure access to the entire range of DTSocialize services.

About DTSocialize:

DTSocialize offers its community a seamless user experience in a single ecosystem across platforms where people will be able to transact, manage their assets, communicate, shop, and socialize both in the physical and virtual worlds. The ecosystem lets users choose whether they want to monetize their data, which is then anonymized and aggregated into Big Data stacks for market research, or to keep their privacy. DTSocialize’s mission is to create a global community of users that can access these services with all the possible ease.

For more information, visit their website.

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