Big data, personalized care and digital technologies: The future of healthcare

Since its founding in 1964, DIA has provided a global neutral platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange to address healthcare challenges. It’s a member-driven volunteer organization, incorporating professionals from around the world who are interested in creating efficiency through innovation, networking, learning, and professional development.

The 2022 DIA Global Annual Meeting has been taking place in-person in Chicago this week (June 19-23).

COVID-19 and big data

For Courtney Granville, Global Associate Director, Research and Scientific Programs at DIA, there are two key drivers in today’s industry.

“COVID-19 and big data are currently the biggest drivers of innovation in the product development lifecycle,”​ she told BioPharma-Reporter.

“Among other things, COVID-19 demonstrated the importance of inclusion in clinical research and the hurdles we have yet to overcome to ensure diversity and create access for all people. Integrating clinical research into the care continuum is an important opportunity to increase participation, improve retention, and better appropriate representation.”

“On the data front – we are now masters at data collection and the challenges like issues of privacy, data ownership, and data integration will determine how we can ultimately USE the data to drive decision making, access to care and efficiency in R&D.”

Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across Life Sciences

In 2021, DIA had its first meeting to discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities in diversity, equity and inclusion in the life sciences R&D community.

New Technology Era

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