Altis is Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Your Training Regimen

Connected fitness is nothing new to the home gym space. Now more than ever, our workouts are digitized and gamified for an interactive experience that helps keep spirits high and heart rates elevated.

Yet, while live and on-demand classes are great, there’s something enjoyable and motivating about having a personal trainer at your side. These coaches can help correct form, prescribe exercises and guide you to your best self. But taking advantage of this guidance usually involves training at an establishment, or inviting someone into your home — either physically or virtually.

So, on a mission to democratize access to health, Altis is taking the “person” out of “personal training” — with artificial intelligence. Branded as the world’s first AI personal trainer, Altis sees, understands and offers personalized instruction to create a highly intelligent and highly interactive fitness experience.

Here’s what you need to know about this revolutionary smart device that’s ready to remap your training.

Altis connects you to your training through innovative technologies

Altis is not the absolute “first” to offer AI in the home gym space; there are other at-home fitness accessories, like Tempo, Tonal and Fiture, which offer some form of body-tracking service and form correction. But while these devices offer computer vision or real time feedback, the personalized training aspect is not as well-rounded as the Altis model — either due to a lack of personalized training programs or a clunkier, less precise body-tracking service.

To better stand out from the pack, Altis employs three technological components for superior body awareness, movement instruction and personalized program design as the module learns and adapts over extended training.


The first hurdle, according to the brand, was seeing the body, which sparked the creation of Altis’ Body GPS. This deep learning AI model recognizes your entire body and movements within one centimeter of accuracy for a 4D model without the use of sensors, wearables or an altered position or body orientation (the fourth dimension being movement velocity). If you’ve ever used other body-tracking connected fitness devices, you know that form correction and body scans can sometimes be, let’s say, off the mark, so a single centimeter accuracy is impressive and should provide plenty of precise, helpful feedback.

With a targeted body-tracking AI built into the product, it helps to see and control the data, right? Well, to give power to the user, Altis marries Body GPS to its second tech-based breakthrough, Altis Vision. A proprietary element of the Altis user interface, this module provides a live view of your mapped body at an optimal perspective for improved form correction. Designed to help you correct any missteps, safely adjust your training and maximize your performance, Altis Vision gives you easy-to-read data points and a full-body representation for a better understanding on how you’re moving in each session.

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Lastly, the final glaring omission in other connected fitness machines, according to the brand, was a lack of personalized program design. Cerberus, Altis’s proprietary machine learning AI, first learns about your body as you perform assessments that determine the capabilities and limitations of your joints. This, in turn, helps Altis understand how your body moves.

Based on this data, along with personal goals and schedule restraints, Cerberus creates an optimized exercise routine that truly connects your body to your fitness journey. No more cookie-cutter classes or “choose your exercise adventure” regimes.

Altis learns as you progress through your fitness journey

Altis knows your body is your most valuable asset, and every body is different. As a result, the Cerberus artificial intelligence continuously fine-tunes your personalized training program based on performance, all in real time. Using over 20 active and passive variables, the intelligence continuously improves to provide you guidance on aspects such as which weights to use, how many reps to perform and how many sets to complete.

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Cerberus, according to Altis, was trained on the intelligence of the world’s premier Olympic performance directors, internationally-acclaimed doctors of physical therapy and professional sports strength and conditioning coaches. These hundreds of millions of training decisions work in-sync to provide you an accurate, detailed pathway to better, safer training as you grow, strengthen and progress throughout your workouts. Each exercise is calibrated, customized and optimized for your personal regime.

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This AI personal trainer hides in plain sight

With such profound technology built into this innovative smart fitness device, you’d expect it to come with a hefty surface area. Well, despite the mass of intelligence built into each product, the Altis AI personal trainer takes up little space, resembling a small soundbar. To operate, simply hook up to any HDMI-compatible screen, like your television, and unlock the personal training possibilities within.

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Additionally, training with the Altis AI personal trainer doesn’t require a ton of floor space to perform the prescribed exercises. According to the brand, all you need is 30 square feet for a full-fledged regime designed specifically for your needs. Also, unlike other connected fitness devices, no “smart” accessories are required.

If you want to pair your favorite adjustable dumbbells or resistance bands with your personal training, however, you can. This feature also gives Altis the versatility to be set up in any space, whether that be your living room or your home garage gym.

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How to get your hands on this revolutionary AI-powered personal trainer

The Altis AI personal trainer is available online, starting today. For a limited time, you can snag a unit for less than $1,200, which is cheaper than the other heavy-hitters in connected fitness machines. Also, there’s no monthly membership cost, so the one-time price tag is all you need to worry about.

In addition to bringing artificial intelligence to at-home training, Altis has also announced partnerships with such outlets as Hyatt hotels, Lifetime Fitness and LA Fitness. So, even if you don’t want to invite AI into your abode, you can still enjoy the benefits of a digitized personal trainer whether traveling for work or hitting your favorite gym establishment.


Altis AI Personal Trainer

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