This Custom BMW R18 Uses 3D Printing To Look Perfect

The world of custom motorcycles is all about being creative, bold, and raw. And it also involves a lot of hand-built custom parts. But with the recent boom of 3D printing, custom houses have broadened up their minds to make parts using computers. One such project was undertaken by a Chinese custom motorcycle workshop – Mandrill Garage.

A personal project by one of the garage owners involved a 2022 BMW R18 being stacked out with cool and radical custom components(both plastic and metal), most of which were 3D printed. This custom BMW is more of a showcase of what the custom house is capable of achieving with modern technology, and it’s impressively clean. Mandrill claims to have not dissected the donor motorcycle and almost all custom parts were bolted onto stock attachment points.

The “Dark Phoenix” is a custom BMW R18 by Mandrill Garage that gets precision-cut clothing without “cutting any corners”.

This BMW R18 Flaunts A Lot Of 3D-Printed Custom Parts

The Dark Pheonix looks picture-perfect and straight out of a factory. And it is all thanks to precision-made 3D-printed custom parts. And all the parts were generated on a digitally first. The whole front section has been 3D printed.

The semi-cowl with its winglets is printed from plastic and screwed onto brackets that slide right onto the stock attachment points. The cowl is attached to the tank top using an artistic plastic element which also houses the instrument cluster in between.

The tank is attached to a redesigned seat and tail section which are attached to the original screw points of the BMW R18 seat. Even the teardrop-shaped position lights on the front fender and the tail fin are 3D-printed. The front fender is now compact and half the size of the one on the stock motorcycle. It is also 3D printed. And not all of these printed parts are plastic, there are metal elements too!

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There’s An Old-School Charm To This Beamer

Mandrill Garage has done a beautiful job of fusing modern 3D-printing technology with old-school craftsmanship. Parts like the rear metal fender were hand-hammered out of aluminum. Even the redesigned metal tank was carved to beauty by hand.

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Donor Bike – The Gigantic 2022 BMW R18

The R18 is BMW’s cooler and more premium alternative to a Harley-Davidson bagger. It is a low-slung blacked-out cross country machine that packs a meaty boxer engine churning out 91 hp and 116 lb-ft of torque.

This Beamer takes what Harley-Davidson does best and dials it up further with clever use of comfort, technology, and electronics. The stock BMW R18 is quite a head-turner but guess Mandrill Garage found a way to make an even better attention-seeker out of it.

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The BMW “Dark Phoenix” R18 Is Mandrill Garage’s Personal Project

The Dark Phoenix is ​​a one-off project by the main men at Mandrill Garage and Cafe to showcase their manufacturing and creative skills. This custom motorcycle shows us that modern technology and old-school methods can go hand-in-hand to create a beautiful machine.

Also, many complex designs would come out perfect and in one try with the magic of 3D printing technology. We would surely be seeing more 3D-printed marvels from Mandrill, and eventually other big custom houses as well.

Sources: Instagram/Facebook (mandrillchina)

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