The Rise of the Carbon Nanotube Battery

It is impossible to avoid headlines about the “graphene battery”; the concept of this Nobel Prize winning nanomaterial revolutionizing the energy storage market is naturally very enticing. Graphene could play a role as an enabling material for next generation batteries, there is lots of promising R&D and industrial activity to support this, but it is graphene’s older sibling carbon nanotubes that have progressed beyond the hype and disillusionment phases of their commercial journey by finding a value-add high volume energy storage adoption. A “CNT battery” is not popular branding nor headline news, it is the everyday commercial reality.

The lithium-ion battery market is skyrocketing. IDTechEx forecast that the demand from electric vehicles (across land, sea, and air, but mainly for cars) will approach 5,000 GWh within a decade from under 500 GWh today. A large proportion of the cost, performance and safety are linked with the battery; naturally making it a huge source of innovation and media attention.

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