Design your own ring with scanning, CAD, 3D printing technology from Clarksville Jewelers

by May 4, 2022 8:00 am

Your grandmother’s ring that’s falling apart doesn’t have to stay in the bottom of your jewelry box. The idea for a creative wedding ring doesn’t have to stay in your head.

Clarksville Jewelers can repair, duplicate or design just about anything you can imagine, using state-of-the-art scanning, CAD and 3D printing technology.

The newly remodeled store is locally and family owned. Clarksville Jewelers specializes in the design and creation of custom jewelry. The personal touches of client desires and wishes are their top priority.

getting started

The process starts with meeting with a client to see what they are looking for, according to Andrew Schmidt, master jeweler. They might have ideas about a custom piece, or they may have things saved to Pinterest to help with the design.

If a client has an engagement ring, but needs a unique band to match it, Andrew starts with making a 360-degree scan of the ring. A CAD drawing has been produced. Then he designs a band that fits just right with the engagement ring, as if they were created at the same time.

If designing an engagement ring, Andrew starts with the center stone and the ring size, and then he designs from there. He can alter the CAD drawing to change the shape and size of the stone in the drawing. A rendering is then created and sent to the client for approval.

Once the drawing is approved, Clarksville Jewelers uses a 3D printer to create a model of the ring. That model can be tried on so the client see what the ring will look like after completion.

The model is cleaned and cured with the highest quality of resin. The metal is cast, cooled, polished and cleaned, and the finishing touch of mounting the stones can begin.

The team at Clarksville Jewelers. (Chance Crotzer)

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The team at Clarksville Jewelers, from the left, Andrew Schmidt, Kristy Snopek, Chris Schmidt and Aaron Schmidt. (Chance Crotzer)

Collaboration with client

From start to finish, the creation of these one-of-a-kind pieces are a collaboration between the client and Andrew, whose designs are sought after all over the country. No one will have a piece of jewelry that has ever been designed for someone else. They can also add a message or personalized engraving on the inside of your ring.

Clarksville Jewelers has been serving Clarksville and the surrounding areas since 1993.

Clarksville Jewelers, near the corner of Madison Street and Memorial Drive. (Chance Crotzer)

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Clarksville Jewelers, near the corner of Madison Street and Memorial Drive. (Chance Crotzer)

For more, go to the Clarksville Jewelers website, call 931-551-4547, or email

Visit the store at 1804 Madison St., near Madison Street and Memorial Drive. They’re open Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm

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