3D Prints so Real You’ll Have to Look Twice

Stratasys today introduced three new color resin materials for the Stratasys J7™ and J8™ Series of PolyJet™ 3D printers. The three new materials – Agilus30™ Cyan, Agilus30 Magenta and Agilus30 Yellow – allow users to achieve a level of design realism beyond what was previously possible.

Full-color prototypes that look and feel like a final product are time-intensive, expensive and have previously been virtually unachievable. Agilus30 Colors takes the existing rigid materials and extends them to include flexible, full-color modeling capabilities with exact shore value definition ability. This allows designers to achieve full-color prints and prototypes that look, feel and flex like the final product, all of which are key to achieving designs with true realism. For further information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printed Materials Market 2020-2030: COVID Edition.

“With using these new materials our customers can achieve a superior level of design – from color to texture to flexibility, further extending their 3D printing capabilities and allowing them to design without limits,” said Shamir Shoham, Vice President of Design for Stratasys. “We have seen amazing prints from our customers; models so realistic that it is hard to differentiate between those that were 3D printed to those that were real. These new materials open up countless possibilities, especially with our customers in the entertainment and consumer goods industries .”

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